Partner With BugBase

Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, educational institutions, non-profits and many others are among the organisations that are woefully unprepared to respond to security incidents.

The BugBase Partner Network was formed with the motive to increase awareness about this need and to help businesses around the globe easily build and strengthen their security posture by deploying our powerful solutions

What's Included In The Partner Program
We're looking for companies who can use our premium in-platform services Responsible Vulnerability Disclosure Programs, Managed Bug Bounty Programs and Pentesting Services to extend or complement their own offerings.
Referral Fees
Partner referrals have a generous fee component, our top partners can look forward to earning more than $10K a year!
Exclusive Discounts
Referrals will get special discounts to launch their Pentest or Bug Bounty program
Co-Marketing Opportunites
Our partners get exclusive co-marketing opportunities including access to in-person security events and joint PR campaigns
Expedited Onboarding
We expedite the onboarding process for all referrals and are able to complete the process in under 24 hours, for free
Robust Partner Ecosystem
We have always thrived to build a partner ecosystem that allows you to share your expertise and network with your peers

Shirish Lodha

Partnership Lead - Sprinto

For us, partnering with BugBase was a no-brainer because they are a fantastic security partner. Their Bug Bounty and Pentesting platform made the process easier for our clients who required expedited testing expertise for their security objectives.

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