Are You A Corporation?

BugBase keeps businesses safe by providing an all-in-one platform to perform continuous and comprehensive security testing.

Vulnerability Disclosure Program

Provide bounty hunters across the world a legal channel to report their security findings to you a.k.a ISO 29147 Compliance

Managed Bug Bounty Program

An active crowdsourced security initiative. We streamline the process by filtering bug reports, managing payouts and more so that you can focus on resolving bugs

Private Bug Bounty Program

Engage with verified, skilled and elite bounty hunters in our Apollo Community for fast-paced pentests and see results in real-time.

CTF Hosting & Hiring Challenges

Recruitment of top security engineers is made easy by hosting a competition or CTF on the BugBase platform.

Enterprise Pentesting and VAPT

Enterprise VAPT done right following OWASP, NIST, NIC, SANS and CERT-In guidelines covering all compliance requirements

Why BugBase?

Budget Tracking

Monitor, Track and Optimise your spending on the bug bounty program on our statistical dashboard

Autonomous Bounty Payouts

No need to worry about outward remittances or invoices to hackers worldwide, we manage it all for you

Managed Conversations

Don't want to interact with the researchers? Let us handle it exclusively for you end-to-end

Know your hacker

Security researchers are required to complete KYC requirements of your program before they are eligible for a bounty

Additional Retesting

Post-triage our security team verifies if vulnerabilities have been resolved or not

Asset Grouping

Group and prioritize important assets and accordingly assign rewards

AI-Assisted Rapid Triage

Our inhouse team rapidly triages reports following both manual and an AI assisted process to maximise accuracy

Let's take your security
to the next level